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White Magic Original Eco Eraser Shower Sponge

The White Magic Original Eco Eraser Shower Sponge is the best eraser sponge for removing stubborn marks from any smooth non-porous surfaces. Designed to be stored & used in the shower to clean all surfaces in the shower such as Glass, Tile, Stainless Steel or Ceramic. The suction holder allows easy storage in the shower. The micro abrasive fibres can lift stubborn soap residue & hard water marks using only water. The tiny fibres can get down into the tiny pits of the surface to dislodge the grime off all hard surfaces such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel & melamine. The patented suction hook holds firmly & is not affected by water or heat. This allows easy storage in & around the shower to allow cleaning at any time.

  • Size : 15 x 8 x 4.8cm
  • 1 x suction hook included
  • Clean with just water
  • Designed in unique iron shape
  • Easy storage in & around the shower or anywhere in the bathroom
  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Cleans soap scum & hard water mark
  • Save time & save money
  • Fast & more efficient cleaning

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