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Pyrolux Pyrocast Skillet 25cm

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The Pyrolux Pyrocast 25cm Skillet is simply an essential for any kitchen when you need that high heat, robust cooking option. Cast iron is renowned for its unparalleled heat retention & distribution & will work on any heat source except the microwave, the perfect cookware for those of us who just love cranking up the heat whilst cooking. Made from heavy duty cast iron, this Pyrolux Pyrocast Skillet will last you a lifetime.

  • D25cm
  • Heavy duty cast iron
  • Pre-seasoned with black patina, a pre-seasoning of oil to prevent rusting
  • Retains heat at high cooking temperature
  • Ideal for home cooks, restaurants or outdoor camping
  • Suitable for all stove tops including induction
  • Wash cast iron by hand with a nylon bristle brush or pan scraper
  • Dry promptly & thoroughly with a lint-free cloth or paper towel
  • Rub with a very light layer of cooking oil, preferably while the cookware is still warm
  • Hang or store cookware in a dry place
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Gift boxed

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