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D Line Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan 36cm

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The traditional beauty of rustic carbon steel in this 36cm D Line Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan allows for quick heat response & uniform heating, saving you time & money. Coupled with 100% sustainable heat resistant wooden handles, your family’s next stir-fry will be tasty & served with class & style. The flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop.

  • D36cm
  • Light weight carbon steel construction for quick & even heat distribution
  • Flat bottom base, suitable for gas, electric, ceramic or halogen hobs
  • Long wooden handle for easy tossing
  • Handy helper handle
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Seasoning Instructions: The carbon steel wok is protected by an anti-rust film which must be first washed off with hot water & washing up liquid before use. To season the pan, wipe the inside surface with cooking oil. Pour 5mm of oil into the pan, bring to a high temperature, & then when a smoky-haze appears remove it from the heat & wipe well with kitchen towel. This burns off any remaining coating. Now the pan is ready to use. Always ensure there is enough oil in the pan when using, & wipe with a paper towel after use. If the pan needs washing, ensure it is completely dried & lightly-oiled before storing. Remember, carbon steel will discolour & go black with regular use & in no way detracts from the functionality of the pan.  

Carbon Steel Use, Maintenance & Warranty 

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